Will it work in my revolver?

Our 38 Special laser bullet is designed to work in revolvers. The bullet also fits in the .357. The dry fire ltd system includes one laser bullet. You would have to roll the cylinder to the laser bullet after every shot with one laser. You can also purchase additional laser bullets for your revolver. Contact our support team at support@dryfireltd.com and we’ll offer you a fair discount to order multiple laser bullets.

What’s the range of the laser?

Depending on the lighting conditions, our laser bullet range can be shot from 25 to 100 yards. The system is designed for indoor use, out of the sunlight. The brightness of the sun can make it difficult for the app to recognize the laser strike on the target. If you would like to shoot outside from a long distance, we recommend placing the target and phone under shade.

Do I have to rack my firearm after every shot?

Because there’s no explosion while dry firing, the slide won’t get racked. Single/double action weapons can fire the Dry Fire LTD laser bullet without any racking. If you use a Glock or 1911 firearm, you will need to charge the weapon before each shot

Will Dry Fire LTD harm my firearm?

Our laser bullet has a soft rubber button at the back that absorbs the impact of the firing pin so the firing pin doesn’t get damaged. The laser bullet will not damage your firearm.

What batteries does the laser cartridge take?

The laser cartridge takes 3 LR626 batteries. Batteries are included in every Dry Fire LTD laser cartridge purchase. If you need to replace them, they're widely available at any store that sells batteries.

What prevents the laser bullet from getting ejected from the firearm?

The Dry Fire LTD laser bullet doesn’t have a rim, which prevents the extractor from ejecting the bullet. When you’re finished your shooting sessions, and need to remove the laser bullet, use a rod or pencil to remove it.

Will the lack of recoil negatively impact my target skills?

A number of our customers have asked how the lack of recoil will effect their aim with live ammunition after practicing with Dry Fire Ltd. Recoil has no impact on your aim whatsoever because the bullet has already left the chamber once the gun begins to tilt from the recoil.Recoil forces you to re-aim at your target after getting knocked out of place, but so does re-racking your firearm, so there isn’t much of a difference.